Empowering Agriculture with Space-Age Intelligence

Bridging Farmers, Bankers, and Beyond: AgriFi.AI is an AI powered spacetech analytics platform, that helps businesses using impact driven insights.

Our Service Spectrum

Discover Our Innovative Solutions, Leveraging Climate and Space Tech for Advanced Remote Sensing Capabilities

Our Agritech Solutions in Action

Rural Finance Solutions

Transform Loan Management with Data-Driven Insights.

Agri Inputs Optimization

Enhance Customer Insights for Precise Sales Strategies

Crop Protection Strategies

Mitigate Losses Through Real-time Risk Assessment.

Agricultural Governance Insights

Influence Effective Agriculture Policies with Data-Backed Strategies

Impact driven by the company

Turning words into action, one smallholder farmer at a time

Economic Impact

Livelihood improvements are achieved by making farmers credit-worthy, leading to increased purchasing power and healthier cash flows.

Social Impact

Upgraded socio-economic status with access to high-quality education and healthcare facilities.

Environmental Impact

Data-driven farming, lower carbon emissions and a better package of practices

The Catalysts for Change

We deeply appreciate our investors and partners for their trust and invaluable support.

Our Customers

Special thanks to our lending partners for their pivotal role and steadfast partnership in driving agricultural innovation.

Who are we?

The team that came together to change the digital lending landscape with accurate
credit scores for farmers.


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Co Founder & CSO

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AgriFi.AI is an AI powered spacetech analytics platform, that helps businesses using impact driven insights. Our platform seamlessly integrates advanced technology and space-based data to improve financial inclusion for smallholder farmers.

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