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Sugarcane fertilizer management

  • Basal application of organic manures:
  • Apply FYM at 12.5 tones/ha or compost 25 tones/ha or filter press mud at 37.5 tones/ha before the last ploughing under garden land conditions.
  • In wetlands this may be applied along the furrows and incorporated well.
  • Basal Application Of  Chemical Fertilizers:
  •  Apply NPK @ 300:100:200 kg/ha and apply super phosphate SSP (625 kg/ha) along the furrows and incorporate with hand hoe.
  • Apply 37.5 kg Zinc sulphate/ha and 100 kg Ferrous sulphate/ha to zinc and iron deficient soils.
  • Application of sulphur in the form of Gypsum @ 500 kg /ha to sulphur deficient soils to increase the cane yield and juice quality.

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